Respiratory Therapy

Homework 3 

Please follow the quideline at the bottom of this page. Homework is due on September 25, 2014, Thursday, by 7pm. NO CREDIT will be given to any late homework.

Homework Questions (Choose one):

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1) What is the role of the respiratory therapist in the homecare setting? How can the respiratory therapist improve patient's healthcare management? What are ways for respiratory therapist to make an impact in improving disease management and decreasing healthcare cost?

Home care

The Evolving RT in the Homecare World 


2) What is the role of the respiratory therapist in palliative care? Is there a role for NIPPV in end of life care? What are your feelings annd thought if you are asked to extubate a terminal patient (conscious and apneic) that you have cared for in last three weeks? 

End of Life / Palliative Care / Terminal Weaning from Mechanical Ventilator

St. Thomas Hospital Terminal Weaning from Ventilator Protocol

Medical College of Wisconsin Ventilator Withdrawal Protocol

Ethical Concerns in Terminal Weaning


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